Harrison is a born story teller. There is excitement, suspense, and humor in this account of the life of a FAC. Experience the war from the cockpit!

Forward Air Controllers was a small group of dedicated ex-jet pilots flying lightly armed prop-driven aircrafts in South Vietnam. Considered to be the eyes and ears of the attack aircraft, their job was to fly low and slow, find, fix, and direct airstrikes against an elusive enemy, concealed for the most part by the heavy rainforest and jungles, an area the FACs referred to as “the Green Square”. The flying scenes were riveting: learning to fly the maneuverable Bronco, clearing in the “fast-movers” to drop massive 750-lb bombs without causing injury to the “friendlies” and conducting covert operation into Cambodia—“over the fence with the mad men in the green beanies”. On one of these secret missions, he was shot down and spent a harrowing night in the jungle, with Viet Cong searching for him while Special Forces plot his rescue. In this fascinating memoir, readers will get a first hand look at the life a FAC through the eyes of the author.

These “Bringers of Death,” as the Viet Cong called them, roamed the battlefields and were seldom far from any action on the ground. They lived with the troops in the field and flew from unimproved airstrips; they virtually controlled the aerial battlefields of South Vietnam. Their losses were staggering and they usually died alone.

Intertwining suspense, action, excitement, and even humor into one gripping journal, A Lonely Kind of War is the first book to tell the true tale of a group of men who were proud of the job they did and the respect it earned them from friend and foe alike.